Core Stabilization

At All Back and Joint Care Group, we like to think of Core Stabilization as the last stage of your rehabilitation before you are “discharged”. It’s part of the training protocol we have for rehabilitation and is safe enough for patients recuperating from spinal surgery. We believe EVERYONE can benefit from core strengthening and incorporate it into our chiropractics.

Your every day performance hinges upon the strength of your whole-body core and spine. The core muscles are the centerfold of our trunk supporting us to stay upright and balanced over our lower extremities. Core stabilization is so important because it helps strengthen the deep inner core muscles such as the rectus abdominus, abdominal oblique and lateralis, among others. They help enable us to have straight posture to prevent back pain and joint degeneration and weak muscles and joints.

What sets us apart from other facilities addressing Core Stabilization is the unique combination of our other services, such as ABJC Training & Rehab and MedX Rehabilitation. Four essential factors of a healthy spine are addressed through this combination of services: Strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. Within one to four sessions, you will become an expert on your own core health. We will guide you through a series of core exercises, monitoring your movements with precision. The work out is delivered through a series of medically based exercises designed to target, strengthen, and improve core muscles. By the end of the fourth session, you will have the skills and tools needed to treat your core muscle weaknesses in the privacy of your own home.