intraMAX® is a groundbreaking daily liquid supplement containing 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and 415+ nutrients, plus 71 organic trace minerals, 49 super green foods, and 12 essential fatty acids.

intraMAX's "organic" is unique and sets itself apart from other supplements. With intraMAX, "organic" refers to the true scientific sense to descried trace minerals that contain living carbon, not a commercially popular catch phrase. It has been proven in countless studies that without 100% carbon-bond organic minerals those vitamins and other nutrients are much less effective.


intraMAX® Features:

The body requires organic trace minerals just as much as water and air! In the past this has never been a problem since the food that was produced contained organic trace minerals. However, in the last 30 years, commercial farming (toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides added to crops and soil to increase yield) has destroyed the majority of organic trace minerals in the soil. This has led to the current stage, where over 90% of the world's population is deficient in organic trace minerals. Many supplements currently on the market don't contain of the proper amount of trace minerals to sustain our bodies. intraMAX is the only product, which offers true 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients.

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