Our Products

We research and test all of our products extensively before we endorse them. The Products you see below have helped us treat many patients and we think they are in the top of their class.

Diolase 10™

Diolase 10™ is the most advanced laser for treatment of acute and chronic pain for muscles, joints, arthritis and so much more. Click on the link for More Info ->


intraMAX® is the most comprehensive all-in-one liquid nutritional supplement available. It replenishes trace minerals lost during the day. Great for athletes, working professionals, stressed out adults, and active children.
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Footmaxx orthotics turn your ordinary shoes into custom footwear designed to benefit EVERYONE, from weekend warriors to competitive athletes. Trust your every step to Footmaxx!
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Since the early 1900’s Sigvaris compression therapy socks and hosiery have revitalized our patients tired, achy and swollen legs. Check out why our athletes, frequent travelers and patients simply desiring daily leg relief are shouting, “It’s the socks!”
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ENADA NADH is the only food grade, patented, NADH on the market today. NADH exists in every living organism and is the spark plug in the mitochondria for ATP energy production. Increase your overall energy naturally without caffeine, sugar, or other additives. More Info ->


Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAX-D) is your non-invasive solution for chronic and subacute back and leg pain.
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Kinesio® Tape

Experience what athletes and medical practitioners around the world are calling the rehabilitative and enhancement tool.  Its easy and quick application delivers lasting effects.
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