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Because your health is our #1 priority, Dr. Michael Sheps offers you an array of health and pain management services. To make your appointment, please contact us.


korebalanceIndividuals of all ages and fitness levels are stepping up to the Korebalance™ challenge! This fun and interactive balance training improves agility, muscle strength, and overall coordination.

Laser Therapy

MORE POWER and DEEPER PENETRATION means faster recovery time and fewer treatments. We have the most advanced laser for treatment of acute and chronic pain for muscles, joints, arthritis, toenail fungus and so much more.

ABJC Training & Rehab

ABJC Training & Rehab ABJC Training & Rehab is the newest and most sought after addition to ABJC, falling right in line with our other quality products and services. ABJC Training & Rehab is the most technologically advanced high intensity, low impact, strength training exercise program available to the general public.


chiropractics Our philosophy is FIND IT, FIX IT, LEAVE IT ALONE. Maintenance and check ups are important, but our focus is to find the course of the problem, fix it and help you rehab it.

McKenzie Approach

mckenzieIn 1993 we became the only credentialled, interdisciplinary McKenzie Clinic in the world. The McKenzie method explores your possibilities for developing self-care strategies in order to reduce, eliminate and prevent your back and neck symptoms from returning.

Core Stabilization

coreCore stabilization focuses on strengthening the muscles of the core through smooth and coordinated movements. We offer the finest in spinal rehab through a combination of our chiropractic services. You’ll find our core stabilization exercises are so effective your spine will be thanking you!

Sports Injuries

sports injuriesWith over 25 years experience, we provide effective treatment protocols for the toughest weekend warrior to the award-winning Olympic Athlete. Whether it’s an acute or chronic sports injury, we guarantee you rapid healing so you can get back into the game.


rhuemotology Access to an X-Ray machine is critical when diagnosing medical issues. Our facility houses a hospital grade X-Ray machine that delivers results within 15 minutes.


korebalanceABJC's daily nutritional supplements promote a healthy body from the inside, out. Easy to use and a perfect pairing with an active lifestyle.


Allan E. Dyer, M.D., Ph.D.
President, VAX-D Medical Technologies
"Dr. Michael Sheps is one of the leading specialists in the field of non-surgical spinal decompression. He’s been affiliated with VAX-D Medical Technologies as a center of excellence since he introduced the treatment in California in the 1990's. His extensive medical background and his training create a unique insight into many of the difficult disc and joint cases. Dr. Sheps is completely dedicated to offering his patients safe and effective alternatives to drugs and surgery. His vision inspires his clinic staff, his patients, and us. We highly recommend Dr. Sheps and All Back and Joint Care Group for treatment of chronic spinal pain."

Burt Bacharach
Award-Winning Composer
"I had an injury to my femur a few years ago. The orthopedic surgeon thought I would have to start my European concert tour on crutches or a walker, never needed them because the laser treatment solved the problem."

Bobby Shriver
Mayor of Santa Monica, CA
"Dr. Michael Sheps is a genius. Pain all gone. Horary!"

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