Tanner Gudauskas, World Champion Surfer

"Thanks to the Diolase 10 laser, my ankle feels incredibly better after each session!"

Mattie Larson, US Olympic Gymnast

"If it wasn’t for the Diolase 10, I don’ think I would have performed in 2010 at such a high level. My recovery has been amazing!"

Victor Coleman, Chairman & CEO of Hudson Capital

"Dr. Michael Sheps is a true miracle worker. He gets right to the issue instantly.  I walk out of his office feeling better."

Shannon Dannettelle, Patient

"I've had chronic back pain for over a year and didn't do anything about it until 2 weeks before my wedding. Dr. Sheps and the ABJC team got me to near normal and absolutely pain free by using laser and VAX-D treatments. I can't thank them enough! It's been 6 months and I am still nowhere near the pain I was having before the treatment. I look forward to going back and finishing what they started."