Since 1994, over 7,500 of our patients with chronic and subacute back and neck pains have been treated using the VAX-D table at our facility. VAX-D is a patented non-surgical treatment that has become a standard of care for spinal pain, and a leading alternative to surgery. VAX-D treatment is especially recommended for patients with pain from intervertebral disc disorders that have not had spontaneous recovery in the first four weeks since the onset of symptoms.

The treatment is a safe and cost-effective procedure that eliminates the risks associated with drugs, surgery, injections or anesthesia. VAX-D treatments are backed by years of clinical research studies, and the only back and neck treatment that uses the patented smooth logarithmic decompression curve method to distract the spine to negative intradiscal pressure. All decompression devices are not equally effective.  It is the ONLY decompression device that has the FDA’s official stamp of approval. No other device on the market carries this endorsement.

VAX-D is a motorized table that gently stretches the spine and decompresses the discs.  Throughout the day, the pressure on your lower lumber spine can be so high that it can pinch nerves, causing excruciating pain. VAX-D Treatment was developed to reduce this pressure, relieving the pressure on pinched nerves.  VAX-D breaks the cycle of pain caused by bulging and degenerated discs and helps the body heal itself.

During the treatment, patients remain fully clothed. They are fitted with a harness that wraps around their pelvis while lying face down on the motorized Table.  One of our Certified VAX-D technicians operates the table from a computerized console. Sessions last 45 minutes and depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, typically 20 consecutive sessions are recommended for relief. Patients will experience varying levels of pain relief during their VAX-D treatment sessions. As the treatments progress, patients will gradually feel a reduction of symptoms. Time off work or in recovery is minimal, and resolution of symptoms can be long lasting.